My name is Monica Kozbial and I am an undergraduate student at Iowa State University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering.


Career Objective

My goal is to work in a position where I can make meaningful contributions to society and continue to be intellectually challenged. I have been gaining experience and studying to become qualified to work as a Software Developer. I want to work as a software developer for a company that can provide me with challenging design problems and the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology to advance the human condition.


Technical Work Experience

Company: Amazon.com

Position: Software Developer Intern

Time: Summer 2013

Project: Extending functionality of tracking items in warehouse to include bulk items on pallets to increase efficiency in packing orders.

Experience Acquired: Working on a large code base, Practicing Agile software development, Java Programming, Test-Driven Development, Test Mocking, Mockito, JMock


Company: National Instruments

Position: Software Engineer Intern

Time: Summer 2014

Project: Custom Context Help Editor tool-window for LabVIEW to allow users to create rich-text comments for user created Visual Instruments.

Experience Acquired: Working on a large code base, C# Programming, C# – Javascript callbacks, Windows Presentation Format, User Interface Design


Contact Info

Email: monica.kozbial@gmail.com


Resume and Transcript



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